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Flex Walls NYC works in all over the New York and Located in NYC. Our services are building Pressurized flex walls room dividers to make the extra free space usable for offices, homes and apartments.

About us

Our team of qualified personnel has years of experience working on temporary walls. We can install all types of temporary walls, and apply a seamless finish to ensure you utilize the available space. We pride in exemplary customer service and quality products.

Flex Walls NYC is committed to ensuring your space is partitioned precisely with the best quality of temporary walls. As rent prices continue to escalate, sharing your apartment to save on rent may prove worthy. You may also seek new space for storage, a new baby on the way, a gaming zone, or even a silent yoga room. For this reason, Flex Walls NYC is here to help transform your space with minimal hustles. While contemplating on putting up a temporary wall, here is what you need to know, first, there are three types of temporary walls you may choose from

  • Pressurized walls
  • Freestanding/Partial walls
  • Bookshelf walls

To select the best type of wall, you have to comply with your apartment owner to know what walls are allowed before going for your preference. This is because adding a temporary wall can change an apartment’s floor layout, hence reapply for a certificate of occupancy with the New York City department of buildings. This means you have to submit your new floor plans for approval.

The Pressured walls have a spring-loaded interior that pushes against the walls and ceiling surrounding them to keep them standing. For a complete temporary pressurized wall, approvals have to be sort.

Why us


  • Qualified personnel
  • Readily available materials- be it pressurized walls or free-standing walls
  • Located in New York
  • Quick turnaround
  • Free quotes

Our craftmanship in delivering custom made temporary doors has earned us most recommendations from apartment owners. Not only do we meet your specifications to divide your space, but we also preserve the originality of the apartment.

Our precise works are visible even at the time when the walls are brought down with no damages to the apartment original walls. Our seamless finish works on temporary walls precede your expectations of a blend with the existing room décor.

  • Jaylyn
    Anyone looking for temporary pressurized walls for purchase or installation has to shop with FLEX Walls NYC. I have moved from several apartments in New York city and used other installers before, but the kind of service I received from Flex Walls NYC was exceptional. The installers are cautious, help me move my furniture and extremely accommodating. At first, I was nervous dealing with them, but as it turned out, I got professionals who knew what they were doing as of their reputation. I will definitely use them again.
  • Bree
    I couldn’t be happier with the services offered by Flex Walls. I was putting up some temporary space to create room for part time employees our company had inducted. What we needed were free standing walls. I spoke to one of the personnel at Flex Walls NYC and I was impressed by the response, the costing was ‘value for your money’. Very professional service and really quick working on the walls. They did the job almost no disturbance to our office routine. If you looking to divide your office space, I recommend you get in touch with these guys. Totally satisfied customer here.
  • Shantell
    Having been in Manhattan for the several years, I couldn’t really find someone to divide my space to share rent with my roommate. This was until I bumped into Flex walls NYC. Other providers seemed to have lots of question with no precise answers. What I love about Flex Walls NYC was the ability to listen to your need and offer instant solutions. Me and my room mate manage to have them come at our apartment, install and a apply a seamless finish to the temporary walls we requested. I like the professionalism and the craftiness the walls depict. Thanks again for the good job and highly recommended.
  • John
    Am from Brooklyn, I must say that am really impressed with Flex Walls NYC. I had to install pressurized walls in my crib for gym space and did not where to begin. Calling Flex Walls NYC, I had the very best experience. The caller was very knowledgeable, and gave me a rough quote of what to expect. They also advised me on the how, among other options I had. Thanks Flex Walls NYC, my gym space is just perfect.