About Us

About Us

Welcome to Flex Walls NYC, your one-stop shop for Temporary Pressurized walls, Free standing walls and adding a Seamless finish to your temporary walls. Located in New York City, we are the best handlers of temporary walls services the city has and our services precedes us. With over thirty-years’ experience in temporary walls, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best services in New York City. Our team has the capacity to install all types of temporary walls, and apply a seamless finish to ensure you utilize the available space effectively.

Founded on the principles of customer satisfaction as the priority, Flex Walls NYC has come a long way from just providing customers with temporary walls, to ensuring they have the best services. This begins from offering free quotes, advising on the suitable type of temporary walls, planning, installation, and demolition. Our team of qualified personnel is ready to walk you throughout the journey from the beginning when you chose to have the temporary walls, when applying that seamless finish, and when you finally want to demolish it.

When we started out thirty years ago, we offered pressurized walls across New York City. However, as building codes changed and Apartments grew within the city, our services stretched to installing and collaborating with land owners to ensure the right type of temporary walls are installed. For these reasons, most of our customers prefer FLEX Walls NYC because of the assurance they have in terms of conformity with New York building requirements, the advice we give, and our collaboration with apartment owners. We go the extra mile for delivery of the walls, and installation. We serve customers across with no discrimination whatsoever. So, if you need some little private room space, yoga area, study room, or just dividing your space for personal reasons, don’t hesitate, order now with Flex Walls NYC.

We offer

  • Temporary Pressurized Walls
  • Free Standing Walls
  • Seamless Finish Temporary Walls

Why us

  • Years of experience
  • Qualified personnel
  • Readily available materials- be it pressurized walls or free-standing walls
  • Located in New York
  • Quick turnround
  • Free quotes

Contact us

For more information on temporary walls, contact us today. Our customer service will evaluate your needs even send our personnel to advice you on the type of walls you might need. Remember to consult with your landlord before deciding on having a temporary wall within your apartment.