Bookcase Walls NYC

Bookcase Walls NYC

Not all temporary walls look alike and for residents of the Big Apple, installing temporary walls may not be possible depending on your situation. But there is an alternative that provides the privacy needed while also being a practical solution. Bookcase walls NYC residents enjoy may be the right middle ground for those who want privacy at an affordable price.

How Bookcase Walls Work?

These are not tall bookcases which can be awkward to put into a residence, particularly an apartment where space is at a premium. Instead, these are temporary walls that not only can hold books but can separate a room to provide additional privacy.

A professional installation is usually quick and performed within a day. The result is a bookcase wall that offers the sturdiness associated with temporary walls while still being freestanding to abide by the rules set for the property. Once the installation is complete, you can put books on the shelf or other items as long as they do not exceed the weight limit.

In addition to providing shelves for your items, they can section off a part of the room for greater privacy. You can use this new space for a roommate, office, work area, or storage space if you desire. How you choose to use your new space is up to you.


There are several benefits that bookcase walls NYC adds to a residence and even a business. Discovering the advantages will help you make the best-informed decision about whether this type of temporary wall is for you.

Functional: Arguably the most important feature of this wall is how functional it can be compared to traditional walls. The addition of shelves means that books and many other types of items can be stored safely while not compromising the wall itself. There are load limits to bookcase walls, but they can be quite useful in helping you clear out more space.

Free Standing: One of the issues with temporary walls is that many landlords do not like their use. Even though they do not create damage, many apartments have rules that prevent temporary walls from being used. A bookcase wall is free standing which means that it sits on the floor just like a traditional bookcase. Very few, if any landlords have issues with bookcase walls which makes them a practical solution when you need another room.

Affordable: For renters who want to add another room to bring in a roommate, a bookcase wall is not only a great solution, it can pay for itself quickly. The affordability of bookcase walls make them a great alternative when traditional walls are not possible or practical.

In addition, a bookcase wall can be moved it needed, such as in an emergency. This means that if you need to leave quickly the bookcase wall can be shifted to provide additional exit room.

If you are looking for an affordable solution in adding more privacy while retaining the advantages of adding more shelf space, then bookcase walls NYC residents love may be the answer. Bookcase walls are cost-effective, fast to set up, and provide the privacy needed for those on a budget.