1What is a temporary wall?
Well, as the name, a temporary wall is a non-permanent wall you erect for a particular purpose and can be demolished easily without causing damage to existing structure or leaving evidence of it having existed. Usually, temporary walls are mounted to divide your space in buildings, apartments or office space. The temporary may be attached to the main building walls using screws or pressure for the pressurized walls. Once the purpose of the walls has been met, you can simply bring it down.
2What is a pressurized temporary wall? How advisable is it in New York City?
Temporary pressurized walls have spring-loaded interior that pushes against the walls and ceiling surrounding them to keep them standing. Pressurized walls for apartments ensure your wall stays firmly secured at the exact place without use of nails, screws, or glue. are easy to install and putting them down has no impact to existing property in terms of damages. New York City requires you to submit floor plans for your pressurized walls outline for new certification. But other building owners do not completely allow for pressurized walls. Flex Walls NYC recommends you consult with your landlord before selecting the pressurized walls that reach the ceiling
3How much does it cost to install a temporary wall?
First, you’d need to know the type of temporary wall you want. Flex Walls NYC can offer you advice depending on your need and budget. Then there is the length and width plus the height, do not worry, if you are not sure of these parameters, contact us now for assistance right away. We will offer you free quotes and help you make a well-informed decision.
4Do you have to come to take the measurements and see my space?
Yes, and yes, we can make arrangements to see your space in cases where you are not sure but depending on the information you provide us with, we will be able to advice you firsthand before offering further assistance contact us now.
5What are the ordering and installation requirements?
Flex Walls NYC will hear your request and send you a quote, if you agree and have all specific requirements, we will place your order in queue and delivery it ASAP.

For installations, our personnel will also assess the type walls and determine an additional small fee to install for you.

Before the installation, FLEX Walls NYC recommends you seek permission from your building owner or manager, avail the service elevator during our arrival, clear the space where you need the installation, and ready to welcome us. We may help move your items within the room but we will not be liable to damages that may occur on such items as furniture.