Flex Walls NYC

Flex Walls NYC

For those who live or work in New York City, you know that space is definitely at a premium. For business owners, homeowners, and renters, the advantages of adding a new room are considerable. However, the cost of a permanent wall may be out of reach or simply not allowed by the landlord. This is where flex walls NYC come into play.

What are Flex Walls?

Sometimes called permanent or temporary walls, a flex wall looks just like a permanent wall but with one difference. A flex wall can be installed in less than a day and does not use nails, screws, or any other type of fasteners to keep it in place. Instead, it uses internal pressure which presses against the surrounding walls, floor, and ceiling.

The result is a wall that not only looks like a permanent structure, when painted or decorated it may look as if the wall had been there all along. Once the need for the wall is gone, it can be taken down in a short time with no damage to the surrounding structure.

Why Choose Flex Walls NYC?

There are good reasons why renters, homeowners, and business owners should consider getting a flex wall for their property. The first reason is that it causes no damage to the room itself. Which means that once it is taken down, all that is needed is a little dusting and you may not know the wall was ever there in the first place. Other advantages include the following;

Variety of Designs: While some flex walls go to the ceiling, others stop short which means added ventilation. In addition, some landlords do not allow flex walls that go all the way up, but instead offer space between the ceiling and the wall itself. Plus, you can add windows to bring in the light and even shelves where you can keep items off the floor.

Privacy: The biggest obstacle in getting a new roommate is privacy. Many people will simply not move in unless they have a room to themselves. Flex walls solves this problem by creating a room that they can call their own. Plus, you can add extra sound proofing to provide even more privacy for the new room.

Affordable: The cost benefits of flex walls are considerable, but they are even more affordable when you add in the advantages of creating a new room to bring in a roommate, adding a new office for an employee, or a show room for your business. A flex wall offers all of these things and more for a low, affordable price that often pays for itself quickly.

If you are looking to add a new room to your residence or business, then flex walls NYC may be the answer. It provides the space and privacy needed at a fraction of the cost compared to a permanent wall. Plus, it causes no damage to the surrounding structure, can be installed quickly, and is competitively priced. For renters in particular, the addition of new roommate may pay for the flex wall in a short time.