Free Standing Walls NYC

Free Standing Walls NYC

Freestanding temporary walls are a solution to some apartments in New York that demand residents to comply with strict building codes, like; it is required that temporary walls do not completely reach the roof. This may sound a challenge for some individuals. However, at Flex Walls NYC, we provide free-standing walls within New York City as a solution. The free-standing walls separate your space without infringing building codes.

Freestanding walls create a temporary wall without compromising the building codes. The walls rise from the floor like any other walls but do not touch the ceiling to give a gap desired by many apartment owners and divide your space.

Our free-standing walls may be customized to include doors and windows along with other features. We install these types of walls using easy to remove screws that once the wall is put down, you can hardly see any trace. What makes these types of walls a common solution to most New York temporary wall seekers is there are viewed as furniture. Well, depending on what you’d want to hang on these types of walls, them not covering the entire height of the room make them look like furniture and abide by building codes.

The freestanding walls are flexible with easiness in assembling.


There are several variants from the size, height to the ceiling, custom requests and other items features you may want. Typically, it cost you $650 to over $3000. You may choose from door styles such as sliding, pocket, double, or windows of different styles as your add-on feature. Flex Walls NYC will send you quotes immediately, contact us today.

Advantages of Freestanding Temporary Walls

  • The first advantage of using this type of wall is you abide by building regulations in New York City.
  • You enjoy convenience as the freestanding walls are easy to install at an affordable budget.
  • Freestanding walls are versatile. You can shape them into an L, W depending on your aesthetic desire. Our personnel at Flex Walls NYC are skilled to help quickly set-up these shapes for you.
  • Using freestanding walls in New York does not require permits for most buildings, and hence you are likely to divide your space without legal issues.
  • The walls are easy to put down with little traces on the floor plans or building walls afterward.

Contact us

For more information on temporary walls, contact us today. Our customer service will evaluate your needs even send our personnel to advise you on the type of walls you might need. Remember to consult with your landlord before deciding on having a temporary wall within your apartment.