Pressurized Walls for Apartments

Pressurized Walls for Apartments

Most apartments in New York can accommodate future changing needs. They are built to adapt to new legal and technical requirements, provide for a modernized and social satisfaction for renting customers, and, to serve for multipurpose. For this reason, apartments are often built with large spaces that may require repartition.

If you reside in New York, you must have needed to divide your space or leased apartment. While there are a variety of ways to divide your space, the best method is to use pressured walls. Pressured walls have a spring-loaded interior that pushes against the walls and ceiling surrounding them to keep them standing.

The problem you would avoid in erecting temporary walls in your leased apartment is having to use nails and drive through concrete, this would probably violate your lease agreement. Pressurized walls for apartments ensure your wall stays firmly secured at the exact place without the use of nails, screws, or glue. Also, they are easy to install and putting them down has no impact on an existing property in terms of damages. So, if you lease a nice one-bedroom apartment in New York, you can convert it to a two-bedroom space with a pressurized wall and split the rent with a friend.

Cost and installation

Pressurized walls come with different sizes at different prices. Typically, it could cost you 800$-2000$ and only consume five hours of your time to install. The Pressurized walls may be customized to integrate windows, closets, inbuilt bookshelves and wardrobes, French double doors, or customized aesthetically as per your need. These walls can also be made soundproof. By adopting pressurized walls for apartments, the benefits of real walls with no permanence are ideal for dividing spaces.

The legality of Pressurized walls in New York

A New York City fire back in 2010 led to the loss of the lives of two firemen from the disorientation of pressurized walls that had not been shown on the floor plans. Since then, apartment owners outlawed the use of pressurized walls. However, there is an exception if you prepare for the plans and apply for a permit. Also, before moving into an apartment you should inquire from the apartment owner for use of pressurized walls.

Pressurized walls for apartment advantages

  • Easy to install-about five hours
  • Can be made soundproof
  • Allows for roommates to share renting costs
  • For office space, more office rooms can be created without changing the layout of the structure of the building. Even rent the same space to other companies can be made possible.
  • Demolition pressurized walls have no damage infliction to the initial building structure
  • The benefits of pressurized walls outweigh the Cost of putting up pressurized walls for apartments.
  • More storage spaces can be created in your apartment for food, accessories, etc.