Seamless Finish Temporary Walls NYC

Seamless Finish Temporary Walls NYC

Installing a temporary, or flexible wall is now a norm in New York City. You can "flex" a one-bedroom into a two, or a two-bedroom into a three or even four, enabling that hefty rent to be split among roommates. Once this is done, gifting your space with a perfect finish will improve its aesthetic quality.

Whether you are using pressurized temporary walls or have improvised, giving it a seamless finish means extra well-crafted workmanship to the walls. This ensures it blends perfectly with existing walls that to become indistinguishable from the permanent walls in your space. The process itself is a final step after mounting your temporary walls. There are those visible thin lines you see between two distinct layers, in this case, the temporary and permanent walls. Patching these thin lines on both sides of the walls is what ensures a seamless finish.

At Flex Walls NYC we guarantee you seamless finish temporary walls in New York City. While your landlord may want a seamless finish on the temporary walls for uniformity with the apartment, the aesthetic advantages withstand.

Well, if you are wondering why you would need a seamless finish think again. After you install your temporary wall, you could notice visible seams along the joint where your temporary walls meet the permanent walls. Having to leave the seams may depend on the duration of your lease period in the apartment, and how long the walls will be up. Other people prefer perfection, a seamless blend. We at Flex Walls NYC prefer a flawless run from your temporary walls to the permanent one with no demarcations whatsoever. For this reason, our team of highly experienced crafters will install and ensure a seamless finish for your temporary walls.


  • The main advantage of having seamless finish temporary walls is the natural appearance of a blend with the original walls that you hardly notice.
  • Eliminating seams eliminates distractions; after you partition your space, getting a roommate may be a marketing task, one may refuse because of the visible seams on your walls. This seam may distract your initial plans, so, eliminate them today with us and you might get someone to share your space.
  • The addition of a seamless finish is inexpensive. It might be a requirement by your apartment owner if could check your lease agreement again. So, an extra expense would be worth your efforts.
  • We understand that you may have the capacity to erect temporary walls but to give it that seamless finish, Flex Walls NYC has the experience to complete the work for you to ease your decoration endeavors.

Importantly, it upon the customer to chose the addition of a seamless finish to their temporary walls. In case you are wondering if you are in the right direction, contact us today at Flex Walls NYC for more testimonies and why you need this type of finish.