We are just a call away from delivery well-crafted temporary walls installation within New York City. We major on the installation of pressurized walls for offices and apartments throughout the city. In our capacity built upon customer trust and apartment owners' endorsements, our services are unparalleled. Our personnel works down the clock to ensure quality services.


Pressurized Walls for Apartments NYC

Pressured walls have a spring-loaded interior that pushes against the walls and ceiling surrounding them to keep them standing. Require no screws, nails or fasteners, that’s easy to remove without damaging building walls.

Freestanding temporary walls NYC

Freestanding walls create a temporary wall without compromising the building codes. The walls rise from the floor like any other walls but do not touch the ceiling to give a gap desired by many apartment owners and divide your space.

Seamless Finish Temporary Walls NYC

After installing your temporary wall, giving it a seamless finish means extra well-crafted workmanship to the walls. This ensures it blends perfectly with existing walls that to become indistinguishable from the permanent walls in your space.

Customize your space

We offer custom designs for your rooms from L, T and other desired shapes using the temporary walls.


There are several variants from the size, height to the ceiling, custom requests and other item features you may want. Typically, it cost you $750 to $2000 depending on what you get on your wall. You may choose from door styles such as sliding, pocket, double, or windows of different styles as your add-on feature. Flex Walls NYC will send you quotes immediately, Get Free quote. Our craftmanship in delivering custom made temporary doors has earned us most recommendations from apartment owners. Not only do we meet your specifications to divide your space, but we also preserve the originality of the apartment. Our precise works are visible even at the time when the walls are brought down with no damages to the apartment original walls. Our seamless finish works on temporary walls precede your expectations of a blend with the existing room décor.

Why us

• We are available on weekends • Our team can custom make any sized walls • We can help take down existing temporary walls • Years of experience • Qualified personnel • Readily available materials- be it pressurized walls or free-standing walls • Located in New York • Quick turnaround • Free quotes

Contact us

For more information on temporary walls, contact us today. Our customer service will evaluate your needs even send our personnel to advise you on the type of walls you might need. Remember to consult with your landlord before deciding on having a temporary wall within your apartment.