Soundproofing Pressurized Walls NYC

Soundproofing Pressurized Walls NYC

For those living in New York City who have traditional pressurized walls, the advantages are considerable. However, if there is an issue for some it is that they do not block sound and vibrations like a permanent wall. Fortunately, there are soundproofing pressurized walls NYC solutions that may work better for your situation.

How Soundproofing Works?

The pressurized or temporary walls provide excellent privacy by creating a private room. Unfortunately, because of their construction it means that noise and more importantly, the vibrations that come from footsteps and dropped items come through the wall. Such impacts can be most disturbing, especially when you are trying to get some sleep.

For an extra fee, you can have soundproofing added to the pressurized wall before it is installed. This means that extra padding inside will absorb the noise and vibrations that come from outside the wall. While it will not stop all the noise and vibrations, it will greatly reduce them to make your living space more comfortable.

The soundproofing in the walls still means that they can be set up with a professional installation quickly and operate roughly the same as standard pressurized walls.


There are many benefits of getting soundproofing pressurized walls NYC residents have come to appreciate.

Additional Privacy: Arguably the biggest advantage is privacy gained from the additional soundproofing. It is something that many people do not think about when getting a temporary wall. But it usually comes right to the forefront when someone drops a box or even walks across the floor in the middle of the night. Privacy is more than just having a wall separating you from others, it is the reduction of noise that provides greater comfort and less stress.

Multiple Applications: In other words, you will probably want to get soundproofing pressurized walls if you are creating a nursery, have a light or sensitive sleeper, or simply need additional privacy. For those who are sensitive to sounds, the soundproofing may be the only option.

Inexpensive: While they are more expensive compared to pressurized walls that do not have any soundproofing, they are still competitively priced. This means that you are searching for a roommate who really enjoys their privacy, you can pay for the soundproofing wall and get your money back thanks to the additional rent payment quickly.

It is true that soundproofing will not be needed if the room you create is not designed as a bedroom, guest room, or any room in which is person is not staying or working. This means a room for storage or perhaps a show room would not need soundproofing. But that does depend on the circumstances, so you should consider all options before making your final decision.

If you are looking at getting temporary walls for your New York City residence but are concerned that they might not provide all the privacy that you want, then soundproofing pressurized walls NYC residents love may be the answer. The additional soundproofing helps to muffle the noise and vibrations that come from the other side of the wall. This means greater privacy and lower stress levels when sharing an apartment.