Temporary Walls NYC

Temporary Walls NYC

One reason why New York renters have such difficulty getting new roommates is the lack of rooms available. While building a permanent wall is usually out of the question, getting temporary walls NYC is often the best solution. A temporary wall allows you to create a new room and provide the privacy needed for a new roommate.

How Temporary Walls Work?

By all appearances, a temporary wall looks like a permanent structure. Indeed, once painted to match the rest of the room, it will look like it has always been there. The main difference between a temporary wall and a permanent one is that the temporary wall uses internal pressure to press against the ceiling, walls and floor. This means that no nails, screws, or fasteners are used in its installation. This is why many landlords approve of temporary walls NYC because they do not damage the surrounding structure. The result is a wall that will hold up and provide noise dampening just like a permanent wall. You can place a temporary wall across a single room, as an L-shaped wall in the corner, or a T-shaped wall that adds two new rooms to a space.


The benefits of having a temporary wall are considerable, especially when you need the extra space but are on a tight budget or cannot install a permanent one. Fast Installation: In most cases a temporary wall can be installed in less than a day. Which means that you can have the new room quickly. This is perfect when you need new rooms fast to get a new roommate or add a new office. Variety: Temporary walls may reach all the way to the ceiling or stop short if that is what you want. In addition to the door, windows can be added to let in the light. There is a wide selection of temporary walls available to fit your needs. Plus, they come in different prices, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget. Home & Business: While there are obvious advantages to renters, business owners can find real value in having a temporary wall on their property as well. This is especially true if you are renting the space and need a new room. You can create a new show room, add a new office, or put in a new storage space for your needs. Inexpensive: Compared to the cost of installing a permanent wall, a temporary one is just a fraction of the cost. But more importantly for those who rent, adding a temporary wall to get a new roommate means that it will pay for itself quickly. This can be the perfect solution for those who are stressed to meet their rent every month. Temporary walls NYC residents and business owners want act in all ways like a permanent wall, cause no damage to the surrounding structure, and are quite affordable. If you need an extra room to get a roommate, an office, work area, or even a storage space, then a temporary wall may be just the answer.